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Investing In Yourself

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Everyone knows the importance of investing— we spend a little now, so that we enjoy greater returns later.

But that doesn’t apply just to our finances; investing in ourselves is essential if we want to enjoy the greatest return on our most valuable asset— our lives.

Investing in our education increases our knowledge and opens up more opportunities for us in our careers.

Investing in our skills makes us more accomplished and can lead to mastery in a given field.

Investing in our health and fitness generally leads to living longer, with less pain, and allows us to maintain greater mobility and activity as we get older.

Of course, investing in relationships is perhaps the most valuable investment of all— the time we spend with friends and loved ones enrich our lives far greater than any financial return.

Once we realize the value in investing in ourselves, spending the necessary resources to ensure our lives will get better, the more opportunities open up to us, the more we can achieve, and more fulfilled we become.

Time is our most valuable commodity, so how we choose to spend it is essential.

Ask yourself: am I trying to do everything myself, or am I reaching out to others to get the help I need?

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Ep 042: Investing in Yourself with Steve Domier