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I'm an award-winning creative marketing consultant, advising companies and individuals to help them reach their goals.

I’ve worked in broadcast television, cable television,
and higher education. Now, I’m combining all
these skills to help you!


Producer, On-Air Promotion

Exec. Producer, Creative Development


Vice President, The WB Network and Senior V.P., The CW Network

Adjunct Professor, School of Film and Television

By offering different perspectives based on years of experience, I’m able to give my customers a refreshed way to look at their business.

If I can be of help to you, please Contact me.

I provide all my clients with:

Thoughtful conversations
to discern the precise challenges facing them

The clarity to see what’s standing in the way
of their success

A strategy that will work
for them

Guidance to implement
that strategy

I’m honored to have received
these awards for creative work:

(On a side note, all these projects were submitted by others on my behalf — my goal is not to accumulate awards, but to achieve meaningful creative and financial results for my clients!)

Admissions Advertising Awards,
Gold Award

For recruitment video (“Inside LMU”) produced for Loyola Marymount University.

Telly Award
(“Dawson’s Creek Launch Presentation”)

A national competition honoring non-broadcast video, awarded for the launch of
The WB’s signature show, “Dawson’s Creek.”

Promax Awards

Received 12 Gold & Silver awards for television advertising and promotion, judged by a panel of industry professionals, acknowledging outstanding design and marketing work.

If I can be of help to you, please contact me.

we can do it together!