Steve Domier

I will make it better


By on August 30, 2016

Here’s what people say about my work:


Kit Cole, Nationally-recognized expert on community outreach and public participation

Steve is an effective and unique consultant. His ability to “make everything better” is not just a tag line — it is reality. Steve has helped me tremendously with marketing and messaging around my brand Kit Cole Consulting and has been able to separate the “nice to dos” from the “must dos” so I can focus my energy on only those marketing efforts that will be the most effective. Steve loves writing and producing and it shows in the work he does with me and with all his clients. My “words” are better for his help and keen eye (and ear). My business success is so much because of Steve and I appreciate him and his expertise as I navigate the world of consulting.


Kelly Hackney, CEO, Creative Lead, Photography and Videography at Hackney Visuals:

I had the pleasure to report both directly and indirectly to Steve for nearly 14 years. Managing and leading a creative team takes someone who understands the process creative people go through. Steve gets it! He has the marketing knowledge, self-confidence and extensive experience to assemble a great team and then trust them to do what needs to be done. Passionate, even-handed, supportive, involved but never micro-managing… these are the elements that make a great leader and Steve has them all. I’d jump at the chance to work for or with Steve at any point in the future.


John Brezny, Digital Media Consultant

I was fortunate to be hired by Steve in my first job outside an advertising agency.  I always knew if Steve asked for an honest answer or opinion – that is exactly what he wanted. Steve is an exceptional executive because he knows a person’s talent, and is able to bring his staff to a higher level. I learned so much about business, not just marketing, from Steve.


Betsy McGowen, Children’s Media Consultant

At The WB start-up venture, Steve Domier proved himself to be a leader who excelled at building and nurturing a creative staff. He was a collaborative team player whose department launched some of the most successful franchises on television with their highly targeted, award-winning, promotions. Steve is a consummate professional and his work shined because of it.


Cris Chavarria, Creative Director: Global In-Home Distribution, The Walt Disney Studios

I had the pleasure of working with Steve for ten years and during that time I was fortunate enough to call him both “boss” and “friend.”  It’s rare to come across an executive with both outstanding creative talents and amazing organizational/leadership skills, but that’s exactly what Steve brings to the table.  His ability to “build bridges” between departments, divisions, and companies clearly highlights his amazing communication skills and ability to the get the best out of everyone. Steve always lives up to the highest personal and professional standards every day and makes leading a team, developing effective creative, and managing time and resources seem effortless.


Maureen Milmore, Vice President of Production, The CW Television Network

I worked with Steve for 15 years. He is a consummate professional with a first-rate work ethic. Steve is a focused, no-nonsense, forward thinker. He’s a talented manager and strategist with years of marketing knowledge and experience. Steve is cool under pressure, with a great sense of humor and one of the most positive people I have worked with. It was a pleasure to share so much of my work life with Steve — he was a terrific boss. I hope our paths cross again in the future.


Jim Davy, Producer: Short Form Content, The Walt Disney Studios

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Steve for ten years at The Disney Channel.  His creative instincts and positive energy contributed to some wonderfully entertaining short form interstitials.  Steve was equally adept at creating on-air promotional campaigns and overseeing special shoots.  His good humor, organizational skills and passion for excellence made people gravitate to him and produce their best work.  Simply, any media company would be fortunate to have Steve as a team leader.


Moshe Hirsch, Creative Services Producer, The CW Television Network:

After working with Steve for close to 15 years, it is easy to say that he is one of the most dedicated executives I have had the pleasure of working under and side-by-side. His constant search for improvement, both personally and in business, in addition to his keen attention to detail, and the ability to allow his staff to think outside the box, has made him a great manager and leader.


Russ Myerson, Executive Vice President of Affiliate Relations and Technology at The CW Television Network:

Steve Domier worked with me for over a decade in marketing, advertising, and promotion. He is a great creator of concepts and master manager of people, time and resources. He is focused and diligent in his various pursuits and juggles multiple projects with great acumen. He is a personable guy, a great collaborator and a good team leader.


Jim DiGiovanni, Graphics Producer, The CW Television Network:

Steve and I worked together for over 3 years. He is an outstanding manager and strategist. Steve operates with the enthusiasm and focus of an executive that is truly passionate about his career and the needs of both his clients and his associates. His high personal standards and thoughtful management style makes him a pleasure to work with on any project. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Steve again in the near future.